Thursday, June 21, 2007

Water Baby!

Ella absolutely loves the water! When she had her first bath in the hospital she was crying up until they submerged her into the tub of water, she stopped crying and was calm for the whole bath. I took her to the Waldo pool today, it was her first time in an actual pool (I don't think her kiddie pool really counts) I put her in her lady bug baby raft and sent her on her way. She had so much fun in the water! She didn't even mind the cold water when she first got in. She just floated around for half an hour in the pool. Kaden and Kylee were having fun pulling her around too. She was so cute! She just smiled and giggled the whole time. She is seriously the sweetest baby in the world!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long time no post

Hello everyone! I honestly didn't think anyone was really reading this until a few people came up to me and asked where I found Ella's snugglepups at? So I will try and keep this more updated! I did buy a new Snugglepup for Ella and she loves her replacement just as much as the original =)
So a lot has happened since I last posted! We just got back from a long trip to California. Ella and I went out for two weeks! I thought that would be plenty of time to see everyone but I still wasn't able to do everything I wanted! Ella and I also were really missing Paul who came out for the very end of our trip =( I had to spend a lot of my time getting our condo back into good shape for a new tenant. Fortunately we found a new tenant quickly which was a blessing but it was stressful having to get everything cleaned up in a week. We are just praying that the new tenant will keep our place in good condition. Hopefully when the lease is up we can put it on the market and be done with renting =)
Ella and I got to go to my mom's school on her last day of teaching! I was so glad I was able to be there for my mom's retirement. It made me sad as she locked up her classroom for the last time because I have had so many memories at her school. I can remember when she started teaching at Los Padres, I used to love going to her classroom as a kid. My mom was a great teacher and I know she is going to be missed. She now gets to focus on her new career as full time Grandma =)
I was able to take Ella to Avila Beach and she had a fun time playing in the sand and getting her toes wet. We walked down the street and got some yummy gelato which Ella loved! I love Avila Beach, if I ever win millions I want to buy a home there =) After the beach we went over to the Avila barn. Ella was fascinated by the animals.
After we were done visiting Santa Maria we drove up to Glendora to visit my Grandparents and to go to my cousins wedding. It was great to see my Grandparents again! My Grandpa has been really sick so I was glad I was able to spend some time with him and that Ella was able to spend time with her Great Grandpa. My cousins wedding was BEAUTIFUL! She looked gorgeous!!!!! It was great to see my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle.
The end of our trip was awesome! Paul flew out and we all went to Disneyland! We spent two days there and had a blast! I absolutely love Disneyland and I'm already having Disney withdraws. I can't wait to take Ella again when she's older. It was fun to be with my whole family there. Even Paul's parents came up! It was a really great time. I enjoyed having lots of babysitters on hand so I could go on rides =)
We flew home yesterday and it's good to finally be home! I started getting sick of living out of a suit case. So overall it was a good trip. I had so much fun hanging out with friends! Kim, if you are reading this I had a great time shopping with you! Becky, thanks for all your help!!!!! You are such a great friend! Rose, I had lots of fun at farmers! Thanks for inviting me! I'm so glad I was able to be at your shower and celebrate my new niece! I can't wait to meet Izzy in September!