Sunday, July 15, 2007

Date night 07!

Paul and I went on our first actual date since we have been in Ohio! We haven't been to the movies since Ella was a newborn! We went to a really nice dinner at Brio, an Italian restaurant and watched Harry Potter in Imax 3d! My sister watched Ella for us, and I have to admit, I had a hard time saying goodbye to her. It was hard to pull out of the driveway as she just watched us go. =(

Once we got to the restaurant I was feeling much better. The food was delicious and the movie was great! It was really nice to be able to go on a date again with Paul. Before we had Ella we were going to dinner and the movies almost every weekend, so I have really missed that. Hopefully we can try and make more time for date nights! You definitely appreciate them much more when you have them less often. My parents will hopefully be out here soon for 3 months so I'm sure they will love to babysit.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will Crawl for food

Ella is finally starting to scoot around! She isn't exactly crawling yet but she drags her body across the floor with just her arms. Our little girl is going to have some biceps! I'm so happy that she is at least attempting to move! She is doing it more and more everyday so I think it's only a matter of time before she actually "crawls." The way I motivated her was by putting a trail of snacks out for her and she slowly dragged herself until she picked up every one of her treats. It's really cute to watch her, especially since she has to take frequent rests because it's physically exhausting for her. She will drag herself a little bit and then lay her little head down on her hands and rest for a minute, then she's back at it again. We bought her a walker last weekend too so we are hoping that she will start to figure out how that works. I also discovered Ella has her top two teeth coming in! She will now have a total of four teeth!!!!! I can't believe she is already 10 months! This year really flew by! Ella has been the biggest blessing to us. It's amazing how much a child will change your life. So as soon as she is actually crawling I will post a video for everyone to see! Below are some pics I took today of Ella outside. There are also some pics of Ella eating her first french fry!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

We had an awesome Ohio 4th! We went to a fun party on the 3rd at my sister's cousins house who lives next door to her. They had amazing fireworks show! Ella was pretty awed by them. The fun continued on the 4th with 2 parades in the morning. The first parade was in Ostrander, a town not too far from us and the second was in Delaware. We were able to sit on our front lawn for that one since the parade passed right by our house. Later we went down to the Ohio Wesleyan campus and listened to the Central Ohio Symphony perform. We sat outside on a blanket and ate our yummy picnic of Papa John's Pizza =) Ella really enjoyed the concert, she LOVES music! After that we walked down the road and watched the Delaware City fireworks, which were amazing! I don't think I have done so many things for the 4th of July before. It was Ella's first one so it made it even more special for us. She had such a good time! We are excited to begin our 4th of July family traditions. It's great to live somewhere that really celebrate Independence day and I hope our children always know the importance of July 4th and why it's so important. God Bless America!