Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Kids Photos

This weeks blog hop is favorite kids photos. If I put all of my favorite photos of the kids it would be way too long so I was able to select just a few :)

Favorite photos of Ella

Favorite Photos of Micah

MckLinky Blog Hop

Swim Lessons

I took Ella to her first swim lesson today! It was just her and her cousin today so she got a little more one on one time. She still has a ways to go before she is swimming but at least she's learning the basics. Today she learned how to blow bubbles in the water and how to kick her legs and move her arms.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Cutie

I had Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree and went in with the full intention of getting Micah some summer clothes for next year. I instead ended up getting dresses for my little Ella Bella who has an overabundance of clothes already and doesn't need anymore. I couldn't resist the adorable sundresses! I have a weakness for buying girl clothes, a bigger weakness for buying summer clothes, and an even bigger weakness for sundresses!!!!! So I walked out of Gymboree with a bag of adorable girl clothes and one little 4th of July t-shirt for Micah to wear next year :( I did get some really cute pictures of Ella in one of her new outfits so that makes it worth it, right?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We finally made it to the beautiful Columbus Zoo this year! I don't think we have been since Ella's birthday last September. I bought our zoo passes so hopefully we can get some good use out of them this year! The weather was HOT and the zoo was packed but we still had a great time!

Ready to go! Where is Micah's shoe?

I was meeting a group of friends from church and as I was walking through I glanced over and saw Jack Hanna! He was taking pictures with people and signing autographs. It's a bad picture but oh well!
We waited in a line to see the new baby elephant Beco. He was super cute but unfortunately none of my pictures of him turned out :(

Some of Ella's friends

We had fun on the carousel. I had to take these pictures while standing between the kids and holding on to Micah, pretty tricky!

Passed out after a long hot day of zoo fun.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Splash Park Fun

Today we went to the Powell splash park (yes, more pictures of us playing in water!). It was a perfect day for splash park fun despite that Ella was a little scared to run and play in all the fountains. She was content running around the sides and occasionally would walk up as close as she could without getting sprayed. Both daddy and I finally ran through some holding her to try and help her get brave but it didn't help. I think next time we go we will take a friend with us because she might do better under peer pressure ;)

Here is Ella last summer at the splash park wearing the same bathing suit (that wasn't on purpose) I can't believe how much she's grown! She definitely enjoyed herself more this time then in this picture where she is running for dear life :)

More weekend fun

My wonderful and amazing husband surprised me Saturday night by getting us a room at the very nice Polaris Hilton. He arranged for my sister to take the kids overnight so we could have a little getaway. We had a delicious dinner at Brio and had fun walking around the mall together. It was a much needed break for me, especially after a difficult week, and I wish it could have lasted longer! I'm really looking forward to our five year anniversary in September when we will be able to get away together for a little longer!
Sunday was a nice and relaxing day for us. I was able to get ready for church in the morning and not have to scramble getting two kids ready :) After church, the kids (including us) took extra long afternoon naps, and then enjoyed spending some time outside helping daddy wash the cars.

Night Swimming

We had a pretty busy weekend full of fun surprises! We kicked it off by going to the dollar swim night at the Orange park pool with a group of friends from church. It's usually pretty expensive to swim there so when we heard it was only a dollar a person we were excited to check it out! The pool was awesome! It put poor little Waldo pool to shame. The kids had a blast and we had to practically drag Ella out when it was time to go.