Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

I figured I could take this quiet time to post some pictures of our day so far.
Last night we went over to The Clases' house (relatives of my brother in law) They are kind enough to invite us every year to their 4th of July party. We had a great time! Ella had so much fun playing with all the kids and found her new favorite toy, a power wheels. She was on that thing the whole night! She was either driving it, or sitting in the passenger seat, or sitting in the back :) We played corn hole, volleyball, and even went on a hay ride at sunset through the beautiful corn fields. The Clase family are so much fun to be around and we are thankful they let us tag along at their family functions.

The chocolate cake I made for the party. I just took a Wilton cake decorating class and it's been a very long and hard road to get to this cake.
Beep, Beep!

Just enjoyed some chocolate cake

Ally and Kylee
She loves her sweets

The beautiful corn fields
He loved the hayride!
Ally and Kylee are two of Ella's favorite friends!
The grass isn't on fire, those are sparklers

This is Paul's boss (also my sister's brother in law) who Micah LOVED!

We went to a parade this morning in Ostrander and Ella enjoyed getting a bag full of candy! She was waving her little heart out trying to get the people on the floats to throw some her way. The best was when someone didn't throw her any and she looked at me very concerned and said "mommy, they didn't throw me any candy." I enjoyed looking over at Micah during the parade and watching him wave and smile at all the floats.
Once the parade ended we rushed to our car to make it back to Delaware for our second parade! This one we were able to watch in our front yard! (I love where we live) Ella was able to score even MORE candy and now has a stash equivalent to what she got going trick or treating.
We are heading out tonight to watch the big firework show downtown. There is no better place to celebrate the birth of our great nation then in the good ol' midwest! :)

Getting her candy bag ready

The parade crew
Waving at the floats

Getting ready for parade two

This was my favorite part of the Delaware parade. If that doesn't capture the essence of the midwest i don't know what does.
Horrible picture but one of the only semi descent ones from the fireworks. The flash was so bright I couldn't keep my eyes open. Micah was so into the fireworks! He kept pointing at them and jabbering away.

If you click here and here you can see that we have defenently established our Independence day traditions :)

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