Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

We had an awesome Ohio 4th! We went to a fun party on the 3rd at my sister's cousins house who lives next door to her. They had amazing fireworks show! Ella was pretty awed by them. The fun continued on the 4th with 2 parades in the morning. The first parade was in Ostrander, a town not too far from us and the second was in Delaware. We were able to sit on our front lawn for that one since the parade passed right by our house. Later we went down to the Ohio Wesleyan campus and listened to the Central Ohio Symphony perform. We sat outside on a blanket and ate our yummy picnic of Papa John's Pizza =) Ella really enjoyed the concert, she LOVES music! After that we walked down the road and watched the Delaware City fireworks, which were amazing! I don't think I have done so many things for the 4th of July before. It was Ella's first one so it made it even more special for us. She had such a good time! We are excited to begin our 4th of July family traditions. It's great to live somewhere that really celebrate Independence day and I hope our children always know the importance of July 4th and why it's so important. God Bless America!

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