Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still Alive!

I have been party planning, taking care of sick kids, party planning, getting sick myself, and oh yeah party planning! I absolutely LOVE party planning except it seems to consume my life and my money ;) I'm praying that it doesn't rain on saturday (40% chance as of today) because an inside carnival is not quite the same as an outdoor one :( Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon of my baby boys first birthday!
Here are some cute pictures of my little fashionista at the memorial parade. Look at how she accessorizes!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance Finale

Ella had her last dance class this week and the parents were able come and watch. It was very cute! Here is a video montage of the highlights!

Micah's First Haircut

Micah got his first big boy haircut yesterday. I didn't think it was possible for him to possibly get any more handsome but he proved me wrong :) He did great during the whole thing! He even stayed calm when she took the electric clippers to the sides and the back of his hair. Hopefully he will continue to sit calmly through haircuts because according to the hairdresser, he will be needing a lot of them with his thick hair.



Monday, May 11, 2009

10 & 11

It's quickly approaching! My baby boy is almost 1! I know everyone thinks it goes by fast but I feel like his first year was a blur! I still think of him as my tiny little 7 pound 2 ounce newborn but the past few days he is proving to me he is in fact growing up. He has become so animated and goofy all of a sudden. He loves to talk, sing and clap, pull himself to standing position, and make big messes :) He is no longer interested in bottles or baby food but wants to eat what we are eating and drink his sister's sippy cups. He likes to scream (which I don't like so much but daddy thinks it's funny) I have a feeling this boy is going to keep me on my toes when he starts walking! He is much more determined then Ella was at this age and often continues to try and get something after I have taken or moved it away from him. He has a passion for chewing on electrical chords, opening and closing doors and figuring out ways he can get the maximum amount of baths in one day :) Seriously, this boy is messy! He also has been blessed with the sweetest melt your heart smile that makes mommy quickly forget all the trouble he has gotten in to ;)

Since I skipped a 10 and 11 month post for Micah I decided to just post pictures of Micah from the last two months. It's really hard to take his picture these days since he is always on the go.


Helping Daddy

So messy we had to put him in the washer ;)

Micah in action, sorry Daddy!

Grandpa's Turn

Paul's sister moved out here last week. She drove out here with her dad and a car loaded with her belongings. It was nice to be able to have a short visit with Grandpa before he flew back home. Ella had so much fun with him and has been enjoying having so many visits by family! Now if only we could figure out a way to get Grandpa and Nana to come out together......
Paul's sister was able to get a job as a preschool teacher's assistant at a school really close to here. We have been enjoying having a live in babysitter! Paul and I were able to go out to the movies last week! I honestly can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater. I never thought I would turn into one of those people but it happened :)

The wonderful trick Grandpa taught her ;)

Micah enjoying a lemon

Having fun with Grandpa

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day today! It was fun to celebrate with two kids this year since Micah was still in my belly last mother's day. I had a relaxing day thanks to my sweet husband. He made me a delicious lunch and let me take a nice nap while he played with the kids.
I absolutely LOVE this job God has given me! Although I often feel completely inadequate for it I am grateful for my Savior who continually gives me grace. I pray I will be a mother who points my kids to Jesus Christ and that they would Hope in Him! I know I have a tough job ahead of me but I also know that God has given me my kids and that He will impart the wisdom I need to mother their little hearts. I love my little babies so much and feel so blessed to be their mommy!