Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The rest of the house

I didn't want to post pictures until everything was completely done in the house but then I realized it might be a few months before that is done =) I have had some persistent requests for pictures so I decided to just take some even if there are bare walls and piles of junk throughout.
Entry Way

Living Room

Our big kitchen!

Our laundry/utility room
Our first major appliance purchase
Stair case (not as scary as our last ones)
Our guest room
Kids bathroom/guest bathroom
Our room
Bathroom is on the left, closet on rightDoor to our deck. We couldn't fit Paul's desk in the guest room so it's going to have to be in our room now.
The deck with our patio furniture that would better serve as firewood =)
The hallway
The garage and basketball court
Our little backyard

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's coming along.......

We have been living in our new house for a week now. I have been busy getting everything unpacked, hanging pictures, and organizing where everything is going to go. We love the house! The kitchen is HUGE and we now have a walk in closet and a bathroom in our room!!! The house has a ton of closet space too, which I love. I got the kids rooms completed but I'm still finishing up the rest of the house. I'm waiting on Paul to hang some of the bigger things for me. Hopefully I will have it mostly done by thanksgiving.

Here are pictures of the kids rooms.

I will try and post pictures of the rest of the house tomorrow.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


After a year of searching for a bigger home for us to live, we have finally found one! We found out yesterday that we will be moving next weekend. The house is perfect! It has 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms, a fenced in backyard, a basketball hoop left by the previous tenants =) and a lot more space. The house is only a block up the street from where we live now so it should be an easy move. We are so excited about this new home and for the extra space it will provide. I will post pics of the inside next weekend.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat 2008

We had a fun Halloween this year. We went with a group of friends from church, and all the kids dressed up as a Star Wars character. Ella was Princess Leia and Micah was Yoda. Ella was SO excited about trick or treating this year! She had been practicing for weeks her "twrick or twreat" and knew that somehow these words meant candy would go into her pumpkin bucket. She did so good going up to the doors to say the magic phrase and always made sure to say "tank you!" when she got her candy. She was really cute when the people would let her grab the candy herself from the bucket; she would always just take one little piece. I thought for sure she would grab a handful =) We had a fun night and I of course have been enjoying the candy that she worked so hard to collect =)

Lord Vader

Boba Fett, a clone trooper, and Leia

Ahsoka Tano and Padme

Vader and a Clone Trooper having a conversation on the front porch over a cup of cider =)