Monday, July 7, 2008

A very busy 4th of July weekend!

We have had an action packed weekend filled with parades, parties, fireworks and a wedding reception! Now that it's all over I can finally post a blog and tons of pictures! So sit back and relax, this is going to be a long one =)
We started out our 4th going to a parade in Ostrander. It was drizzling and overcast for most of the parade so it wasn't too much fun. We all left pretty wet.

My parents have been out since Tuesday. It's been so nice having them here and being able to celebrate the 4th with them. I'm sad that their visit is almost over.

We went to a party in the evening at Joe and Stephanie's house. We ate lots of yummy food and Ella had fun playing with all the fun toys they had! I don't have too many pictures from the party, I guess that's what happens when your husband has the camera =)

Right after the party we headed into Delaware to watch the fireworks like we did last year. Since Delaware is celebrating it's Bicentennial they had their biggest firework show ever! It was an awesome show! Ella was scared of the loud noises at first. She quickly got used to it though and loved it! Micah slept through it all, of course =) Sorry not too many pics, Paul had the camera.

The next day was the Delaware Bicentennial Parade. We are fortunate enough to live right on the parade route! We invited friends over and had a party on our front porch. We set our chairs up in the front yard and had a fun time watching the parade.

Our last big event for the weekend was a wedding reception for our friend Ty who is Kurt's cousin. Ty became a good friend of mine when he would come out to California on his spring breaks and stay with my family. He married a really great girl named Laura last month in Colorado but we unfortunately couldn't go to the wedding so we were really happy they had a reception out here! We had alot of fun and discovered that Ella LOVES to dance!!!! We couldn't get her off the dance floor and she became a source of entertainment for everyone.

Teaching Ella the chicken dance
Ella's best buds
This is Ella's signature move, she gets down on her hands and lifts her leg up in the air.


aric&meg said...

great post!! Thanks for having us over on Saturday- it was fun! :)

Anonymous said...

wow what a fun packed weekend. Keeping busy is the best. Always some thing new to see.

Rose said...

Thanks for all the new pictures!

I am Katy, said...

How fun. A parade right in your front yard.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing family this is, and so much fun. Can't believe what a rocking bug Kason is. I love all you guys and hope to see you in September.