Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Friday

We have had a fun week filled with summertime activities. We have been keeping cool at the pool almost everyday, to a party at the ice cream shop across the street, and to a fireman's festival in Waldo. Paul was able to come to the pool with us a lot this week so Ella had fun swimming in the big pool with Daddy and I was able to relax and lay out by the pool =) Ella loves the water and we can't wait until next year when she can take swim lessons!

Ella loved wearing goggles even though she never put her head under water.

The Dairy Depot, which is across the street from us, had their anniversary party and Ella got her face painted for the first time!

Mouth full of ice cream =)

Tonight we went to the fireman's festival in Waldo where Ella got to go in a bounce house, eat funnel cake, and dance to some live music!

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