Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Snugglepup where are you?

I somehow lost Ella's favorite stuffed animal Snugglepup yesterday. I have looked everywhere for it but I think it must have dropped out of the car. Ella loved that little dog so much, it breaks my heart that it's gone. Last night when I laid her down for bed she looked around for it wanting to fall asleep with it in her arms like she normally does, it broke my heart. Where are you Snugglepup? We miss you!

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kimberlymeredith said...

Hi! my name is kim, funny story, my nephew had the same little stuffed animal,we called him nite nite puppy, he had it since he was born,well we went on a trip to abilene,tx and we got home and looked all over for it. so he is 3 now and we asked him where it was, he said he threw it out the window at sonic...lol. so ever since then i have been on the hunt for one. so i just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one.well if you find one PLEASE let me know, and i will do the same for you. here is my email address kimberlymeredith@aol.com. wow!! i never thought a stuffed puppy would be so hard to find. well thanks,i am glad i am not the only one looking so hard for a stuffed animal. thanks kim (burleson,texas) hope to hear from you soon!!!