Saturday, June 21, 2008

Splash Park

We went to a splash park this afternoon with the kids. We thought Ella would really like it but she was a little scared of it. Neither of us had been there before and didn't know how big it was so we didn't wear bathing suits or bring a change of dry clothes to go in with her . I think if we could have gone in with her she might of enjoyed it a little more. It was still a fun park and right next to the splash park was a regular play ground that Ella enjoyed. One of the things we love about out here is how many great parks there are for kids! There are so many fun places to go in the summer!

Micah and mommy

Ella checking it out

Not too sure about this place

The first time the water hit her (her face is priceless)

Daddy had to keep putting her in the water

This picture breaks my heart =( We didn't make her go in the water any more after this

Friends again

Ella preferred the regular playground much more

Micah slept through all the excitement

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Anonymous said...

Summer fun is the best

love the mommy pics!!!