Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Micah turns 2!

Our baby boy turned two this weekend! It's crazy how now that he is two he seems so much older to me. He is talking so much more and understands everything we tell him. He really isn't a baby anymore :( He is the craziest little boy but can also melt your heart in an instant! Every time he walks by a flower, he stops, picks it, and hands it to me and says "here mommy!" Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!? I love my little boy so incredibly much.
We had a toy story party for Micah since he loves "Woody Buzz!" He had so much fun and loved all his new toys. He got a phone call from his great grandma in California and got to have "Happy Birthday" sung to him through skype from Grandma and Papa! My parents are so good at staying involved in our kids lives even though they live so far away. I love that the get to skype with them a few times a week. The kids love talking to them and Ella even knows how to call them herself :) Thank you Great Grandma, Grandma, and Papa for making his birthday extra special!


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