Friday, January 20, 2012

Boy oh Boy!

We found out a couple of weeks we are going to be having a baby boy this June! I still can't believe it and it's so strange knowing what we are having this time around instead of being surprised like the other three. I will admit that I still prefer being surprised and I'm a little sad that we found out early but since this baby was very much a surprise to us and the news came to us just a few weeks after I had sold all our baby stuff, we decided it would help to know this time around so we could prepare. We also need to buy a new bed for Micah and now we know to buy bunk beds for the brothers to share in a couple years ;) Ella and Micah both guessed it was a boy just like they guessed baby number three was going to be a girl. It was really cute when I was having the ultrasound and the tech announced it was a boy, everyone burst out in cheers! Part of that may have been because we promised the kids donuts if they guessed the gender right ;) We are so excited to be having another sweet boy in the family! Now for the fun part, trying to think of boy names......

Celebrating with fresh BLUEberry donuts from Krispy Creme

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