Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playing in the snow

NOTE: Ella was not injured during her face dive into the snow


Nick, Becky and Noelle said...

Sorry I've missed commenting on a bunch of your posts. I love your belly pics. You look beautiful! It's good to see that baby is growing strong. I'm going to say boy, do I win if I'm right?

Walmart and Toys R' Us has the same Mickey Fire Truck ride. When she rides it at walmart she totally loves it. When we let her ride it at Toys R' Us as soon as I turned it on she freaked out just like Ella!

I love her singing video, that is too cute and it looks like you guys are enjoying the snow.

Sorry I didn't get back to you on Myspace, I posted about our trip on our blog though. I miss you guys!

Cori G said...

Such a cute video, Andrea. It is so fun to see Dad's with little girls having fun. I know it probably makes you melt. Hope you guys are doing well and staying warm (when you can)