Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a great Easter! We stayed pretty busy all weekend with cookie and egg decorating, two Easter egg hunts, and most importantly worshiping our Risen King with our church family!

Friday night we had fun decorating cookies together. I got out my cookie decorating kit and my food coloring so we had some beautiful and colorful cookies :)

Saturday we got to work on Easter egg decorating. I haven't decorated eggs in a long time so I forgot what a mess that is. My cuticles and finger nails were a beautiful green color on Easter :) I ended up doing most of the work on that project since Ella lost interest after a few eggs. She did have her cousins all over so I think she was a little distracted. Saturday night we were invited over to Kurt's grandparents house and enjoyed some good food and an Easter egg hunt. Although the sun was out and shining it was still pretty cold! Ella had to borrow a scarf and hat to keep her warm while she was searching for eggs. She looked pretty funny in her big John Deer hat though.

We gave Ella her Easter basket On Sunday morning. She was and still is very excited about all of her candy!

Coming down the stairs to get her basket

After church we laid the kids down for naps and hid eggs in our backyard. When they woke up we gave Micah his basket and then searched for eggs. Ella was very excited to find all the eggs, and with the help of daddy she did! Micah was more excited about just shaking the jelly bean filled eggs.

Here are some pictures of Micah or "baby boy" as Ella calls him.

Angry Micah :)

Lastly, here is Ella showing her decorated princess eggs.

Showing her favorite princess, Ariel

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Rose said...

The kids were so adorable! I love their outfits. It looks like they had so much fun.