Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last week was filled with beautiful weather and outdoor play...this week so far has started with chillier weather and a sick little baby girl :(
Rilynn started getting sick Saturday night and continued to get worse. By Monday, and after two nights of none of us sleeping and high fevers, I decided to take her to the Dr. where he determined she had a bronchial infection. He ordered some x-rays to rule out pneumonia and prescribed an antibiotic. The next day when I called to get the results of her X-rays I was informed she actually has RSV and that there really isn't anything we can do but treat her symptoms. We have been trying to help clear her up so she can breathe since she's been wheezing and breathing really fast. Trying to get her to drink fluids has been a challenge too since she doesn't want to drink anything. There is nothing worse then seeing your little babies sick and feeling totally helpless! We are praying she will be back to her perky self soon.
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Rose said...

Poor baby!!! I hope you all have been able to get some quality sleep since this post and are feeling a little better by now. Love you!