Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Micah's big week.

Micah has started his final year of preschool. Now the fun begins of driving two kids to two different schools three days a week ;) This will also be our last year at this wonderful preschool (for a couple years) until it's Rilynn's turn to go. They really do go to the best preschool and I have been so thankful we have been able to send Ella and Micah. Micah has the teacher Ella had last year and she's the best! On top of starting preschool he also had his first soccer game this past weekend. He did so good for his first time playing. He was able to stay with the ball and keep up with the other kids. He had so much fun and it was really cute watching him play.

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Rose said...

Micah is so stinkin' adorable in his soccer outfit!