Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer at the Waldo Pool

So I know I already wrote all about Ella going to the pool but since I have a Waldo pool membership and we go there pretty much everyday I decided I would post some videos and pics of Ella swimming. Ella still loves the pool! She is able to walk all around the kid pool with her baby raft on so it's really fun to watch her go explore. The kids all love her and give her toys to play with so by the time she makes it back to mommy she has a raft full of toys. We have had a really great summer at the pool. The pool is rarely crowded (unlike most other pools) so we are able to swim around freely without getting kicked in the head or splashed on. I feel like I'm at summer camp everyday =) I think we will both be sad when the pool closes. I know I will miss the pretzels with cheese from the snack bar.

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