Tuesday, September 4, 2007

3 Years Together!

Paul and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary today! We had a wonderful date night at a great restaurant called Tucci's in Dublin. It was a beautiful night so we sat on the patio and enjoyed the really great guitarists that were playing. They even dedicated a song to us at the end! It was the song "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, one of our favorites! Then the table next to us shared their bottle of wine with us since it was our anniversary so we were feeling pretty special!
Paul and I were talking about how much we have experienced together already. We have lived in a small one bedroom apartment and then experienced the joy and stress of buying our first home. We have experienced the heartbreak of losing a baby and learned more than ever to trust in God and His perfect timing. We later experienced the joy of being parents when we got to hold our beautiful baby girl in our arms. We have moved across the country and have experienced what it's like to start a new life in a place far from home. Paul has worked for three different companies since we have been married! I also have gone from working full time to be staying at home mom.
God has taught us so much these past three years and I know both Paul and I have grown so much in our love for Christ and our love for each other. I have been so blessed to have Paul as my husband, his love for the Lord and his desire to be the spiritual leader in our family has been such an encouragement. I know we are looking forward to celebrating many many more anniversaries! I love you Paul!

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