Saturday, September 1, 2007

Go Bucks!

It's officially started- Ohio State football season!
We went to the stadium this morning to watch the skull session. For those of you have no idea what that is (I had no clue) it's sort of like a pep rally before the game where the band comes out and plays and Coach Tressel and the team make an appearance. There were 10,000 people there and the whole room was filled with scarlet and grey (OSU's colors). They also had the OSU alumni band come so there was almost 800 band members playing! It was pretty amazing to hear. I was worried Ella would get scared of the loud noises but she really loved it. She was swinging her arms up and down and clapping; I think she is going to definitely grow up to be a buckeye fan. As we were leaving, the parking lots were all filled with people having tailgate parties. People were grilling out (that's what Ohio people call bbq'ing) some even had flat screen tv's set up! It looked like so much fun! We didn't have tickets to the game so we just went home after, but Paul is going to go to the game next weekend with our brother in law Kurt. We had a really fun day, and we are very excited for the upcoming football season! Go Bucks!

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