Saturday, April 12, 2008

The end to a busy week

Last night we celebrated the end of a busy work week for Paul. He has been speaking for the last four days at the Honda plant in Marysville to about 50 people. He has been working super hard all week and has been really looking forward to Friday. He is working on a big project with Honda so it's a pretty important deal! They even flew people in from Canada and Mexico to attend the summit. I'm of course very proud of my hard working smart husband =)
We went out to celebrate at Red Lobster last night and enjoyed a delicious meal. It was fun to be able to relax and enjoy time together. Afterwards we went to Big Lots to look at beds for Ella. I had seen one there a long time ago that I really liked and I wanted to see if they still had it. I know, what a fun way to celebrate ;)

Ella loves it when I dress us alike

Ella's very serious when she's eating

Ella likes this bed


Paul J said...

One day I hope to have a family life quite like this!
Absolutely splendid!

4 Little Men said...

You look so small and cute! And Ella is absolutely adorable! Isn't this a fun age.