Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrapbooking, tests, and babysitters!

I have spent the most part of today at a huge scrapbooking party! My creative memories consultant was throwing a "national scrapbooking day" fundraiser event at the high school down the street so I have been busy FINALLY finishing up Ella's baby album. I'm actually home right now taking a break because my back started to hurt really bad from sitting for so long. (oh the joys of the third trimester) I thought I would post a blog while I'm laying down and Ella is watching "Little Bear."

Paul drove to Cincinnati this morning to take an important certification test. He has been studying for this test for a while now and they kept changing the date on him so he's glad he was finally able to take it. We have to wait for a few weeks to find out if he passed since somebody actually has to sit down and grade it.

So, since I was gone, Paul was in Cincinnati, and my sister is out of town for the weekend we hired our first babysitter! I had somebody come highly recommended by my sister that we used. She did a great job and Ella loved her! It's so strange because I feel like not that long ago I was babysitting and now I'm hiring babysitters.

Anyways, sorry this isn't the most exciting blog post. I will finish it up with some cute picture of Ella.

Here is Ella at the zoo yesterday staring at the Tiger that was right up against the glass.

Just being cute

here is a video of Ella practicing her phone etiquette

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