Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday!

No baby yet! We are still waiting patiently for this little one to make an arrival. I have been trying to savor my time with Ella because I know I'm going to really miss her when I'm in the hospital, and after when I'm adjusting to having a newborn again. I realize this is the last time I will ever be a mommy to just one and I'm trying to cherish my time with her. I know the baby will come in God's perfect timing! I'm actually going out for a pedicure and a manicure with my sister tonight so I'm very excited! I had a massage last week which was a Christmas gift from Paul so I'm thinking maybe being pregnant isn't so bad ;) Have a great weekend!

Here is a video I took with my phone at lunch today of Ella showing us her "happy" and "sad" face


Anonymous said...

Your toes look amazing! They will look even better in those stirups. I can't wait till you claw the Docs eyes out with your long beautiful nails!!!

Rose said...

I love Ella's little sad face. Too cute!

aric&meg said...

lol!! I am like constantly checking your blog to see if you went to the hospital yet!!