Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 Months!

Has it really already been 9 months?!?! I just can't believe it! Before I know it he is going to be running around and talking.
I took Micah in for his 9 month check up this week and was happy to hear he gained 2 pounds last month! He is now almost on the growth chart for his weight. He weighed 16 pounds and was 28 inches long. Micah is crawling and getting into EVERYTHING! I'm usually pulling something out of his mouth daily :) He's slobbery, messy, and constantly getting himself into trouble but he's also the cuddliest, sweetest little boy in the world!
This is his "about to get into trouble face"

His new favorite thing to do, chew on the crib rail. He also likes to pull his crib bumper apart ;)

His signature chin drool.

Loves his big sister

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Rose said...

I bought Korah and Izzy those same big sister shirts! How funny. My mom just found one for Darby too that says little sister.