Sunday, March 8, 2009

A busy Birthday weekend!

Last weekend was very busy for us! It also happened to be the weekened before my birthday so it was a good excuse to go have some fun! It was space week in Delaware and to end it the Central Ohio Symphony had a concert where they performed space themed music. We were most excited about the Star Wars music since Ella often hums it throughout the house :) Along with the concert there was a group of people who dressed up like Star Wars characters, so it was fun to meet Darth Vader! We dressed the kids up in their Star Wars costumes so they fit right in! I was excited to get some more use out of them. Ella did great sitting through the whole concert! Micah on the other hand........
When they started playing the Star Wars theme Ella got super excited and kept saying "Daddy! Daddy! Star Wars!!!"
What can I say, her mommy and daddy are a little nerdy ;)
Sunday we took Ella Bella to Disney on Ice in Columbus. We dressed her up in her Cinderella dress that Nana and Grandpa got for her. She was so excited about going and kept talking about "Disneyland On Ice!" The show was really cool and Ella sat through the whole thing with a big smile on her face. My sister watched Micah for us so we were able to have a fun night with our little princess. Afterward we treated her to a milkshake, a perfect end to the perfect night!

Ella's excited face!

Her favorite part

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Rose said...

Oh my goodness! How exciting! I love her pretty princess painted nails.