Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boy, Oh Boy!

Micah is ALL boy, there is no doubt about it! He is constantly keeping us on our toes with his daredevil stunts. He somehow gets himself into trouble no matter where we are. No shopping cart seat belt is strong enough to hold him, no walls are strong enough to contain his lion roar, no food too disgusting for him to eat (this morning he actually took old soggy cereal out of the trash, gross!) I often wonder what God has in store for our son and wonder if He is preparing him for the mission field. I could see him one day living in the jungle and preaching to tribes about Jesus Christ, and oh, how awesome that would be! I think it's so amazing how God can take personality traits in our kids that we might not find very desirable sometimes (i.e strong wills, chatter boxes) and use it for His Glory and to further His kingdom!

I have had such a hard time getting pictures of Micah lately! Mostly because he's always doing this.....


{Check out his serious "I'm on a mission" face}

And he's often doing this....

{pretty sure he's eating dirt}

And most times we are not quite sure what he's trying to do....

{Ella was doing sit ups and he climbed up and then looked like he was maybe taking a nap? Still not too sure}

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