Friday, November 19, 2010

Disneyland Vacation

We just got back from an amazing Disney vacation. The weather was absolutely perfect, the kids were great and I got my Disneyland fix! Disneyland is one of my absolute favorite places, it really is "the happiest place on earth" and I was excited to take the kids when it was decorated for Christmas. The last time we were there during the holidays was when Paul and I were newlyweds and we had annual passes and no kids ;) I wish I could say the trip was perfect right up until the end but things unraveled at the very end when we got dropped off at our car at 10:30 at night in the freezing cold to discover our battery was dead. Paul had left the keys in the car and only had the keyless entry (which was useless with a dead battery). I had to hop back on the bus to the airport with the kids and go rent a car which proved to be another debacle. Apparently when it's late at night and you are a women with two small (sick) children desperate to get home the rental car places decide to charge you an excessive amount for an economy car. we rent cars quite often and I was well aware that I was completely being taken advantage of. It's nice to know there are still nice people in this world that want to help people out when they are in a bad situation, right? ;) So, I drove away with a Ford Focus that I was charged three times more for and picked up my frozen husband in the parking lot who was working with the maintenance guy to get in the car and we drove home. I should mention that a double stroller, a suitcase, two car seats, and two adults do not fit comfortably in a focus. We pulled into our home around 1 a.m and waited in the car while Paul had to break into our house since we had no keys...what an adventure! Thankfully when Paul went to return the car the next day he spoke with the manager who was nice enough to refund us a large chunk of our money. Now we are all trying to get better from this nasty gunk we must have picked up during the travels. Ella has been puking all morning, Micah is coughing every two seconds and I'm taking care of them while also dealing with the nasty symptoms, ugh!
~Thankful for a wonderful much needed trip together and that none of us got sick at the start of it.
~Thankful that we got to spend some precious time with Paul's family!
~Thankful that God gave this 32 week pregnant lady strength and energy for three days of Disneyland! I felt great the whole time!

I put together a slide show of our trip since I had sixty pics and couldn't pick out just a few to post. The kids keep watching this over and over again.

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