Thursday, December 2, 2010


That seems to be all that's going through my head these days...

12-Number of days I have to get everything ready for home visit with midwives which basically means I need everything ready for delivery

16-Number of days to when I'm considered "full term" and can have my baby at home. If I go into labor before that I will deliver at a hospital

23- days until Christmas!

3- more people to buy Christmas gifts for and the number of Christmas events we have on our calender for the next few weeks

10-number of things on my list I need to get done by the 13th when I have my home visit but the list will probably grow bigger.

29- the temperature outside right now although it feels more like 20 degrees :( Supposed to be very cold the next week which makes for running errands really fun!

34-weeks pregnant!

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