Thursday, December 30, 2010

38 Weeks

Well, baby Giorgi decided to wait until after Christmas, hooray! It's starting to look like he/she is going to wait until 2011 too. I have never gone past 38 weeks before which makes me think this time I will. I'm trying to prepare myself for the likelihood I could go all the way to my due date and beyond. This belly shot basically sums up how I'm feeling these days. I only want to wear comfy pants and I hate having to put on jeans and layers (which is a must when you live in Ohio during winter) My back and ribs ache constantly and I am maybe getting a few hours of solid sleep a night. I'm definitely ready to be done but I trust in God's timing and know it's perfect :) I'm eager to meet this little one who's kicking my ribs and who sometimes kicks my side so hard I think their little foot is going to pop out ;) Praying these next weeks go quickly and that we will be holding our baby soon!


The Momphers said...

Comfy pants are good!

Amanda said...

Praying for you Andrea! Hope everything goes well!

Kelly said...

You were an adorable pregnant girl! Adore your prego wardrobe!
Congrats on your little girl, LOVE the name, it was one of our choices!