Friday, April 13, 2012

Our week in iPhone photos

We have definitely had a quieter week from last week!

I enjoyed some Micah snuggles and apparently my baby bump makes a good pillow :)

We played with sidewalk chalk and Rilynn enjoyed getting very dirty. She also enjoyed looking cute while walking around in her brother's sweatshirt :)

She enjoyed getting clean after too!

Enjoyed my morning coffee with this sweetie :)

Spied on Micah from the observation room at his preschool

We got our van back! At least until next week when it goes to the body shop :/

Took these two for ice cream after getting an estimate done at the body shop

The ice cream resulted in a super silly little girl

Wore Rilynn on my back in my Ergo while I shopped a consignment sale at 30 weeks pregnant! I took up a little bit of space ;)

Scored some really cute summer clothes for the kids at the consignment sale for super cheap!

Ella decorated a mirror and was quite proud of herself so she insisted I take a picture :)

Went to a kindergarten meeting at Ella's new school! I think it finally hit me being in her classroom that she's going to be starting kindergarten!

We showed Ella this picture of the computers and now she thinks kindergarten is like going to the apple store so she keeps asking us how many days until it starts, haha ;)

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Anonymous said...

Will you put up photos and a birth story? I would love to see more of Henry :) Hope you are all doing well.
Rebecca B