Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4 Months

Micah is 4 months old! The poor little guy has had a cold pretty much his entire life. I took him to the Dr. a few weeks ago because he had a mild fever and then developed a really bad cough. Ella never really got sick when she was a baby besides a runny nose so this is somewhat new to me. We found out that Micah, though he had gained weight, had dropped down in his weight percentile. The Dr. prescribed me some medication to help increase my milk supply that's been working along with feeding him more frequently so I'm hoping his weight will be up at his four month check up. I went through all of this with Ella when she was around the same age and was really hoping I wouldn't have to again. Unfortunately when we found out Ella wasn't thriving she had already started losing weight so I'm glad that we have identified the problem before that happens with Micah. He is such a sweet baby boy. I admit there are times when I don't think he's so sweet but when that boy smiles, it melts my heart! I have a feeling it's going to melt lots of girls hearts someday too =)

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