Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ella Grace turns 2

On this day 2 years ago I heard the wonderful words "It's a girl!" Ever since I have been completely in love with my beautiful little Ella Bella! Although it's sad to know she's quickly growing up and no longer my "baby" it's so exciting to be able to watch her grow and learn every day. I remember when Ella first smiled at me and thinking that was the greatest moment ever, but then when she started saying "lub you mommy" I realized that was just the beginning.

I'm really big on establishing family traditions so we pretty much spent the day like we did last year. We went into Ella's room in the morning and sang "Happy Birthday" to her and after I made Ella her favorite breakfast(blueberry pancakes). We went to the mall to get her pictures taken (which turned out soooo cute!) and to Costco to get her some more presents. After her nap we headed to the zoo with Ella's cousins, Grandma and Papa. I have been telling Ella all week that we were going to ride on the ponies at the zoo but when we got there we saw a sign saying that the pony rides were closed. =( We still had fun and rode on the "choo choo train" which was very exciting for Ella since her favorite song is called "Chugga chugga choo choo". After the zoo Kym and Kurt came over and we had a party for Ella. I made a cake for her that was pretty sad compared to her cake last year but Ella seemed more into eating the cake then what it looked like. We opened presents, listened to Ella sing some karaoke and played with Ella's new toys. All day long Ella kept saying and singing "Happy Birthday" She was so happy! I hope we can always make our kids birthdays special for them!

Eating some Blueberry pancakes

Fun at the zoo

Giving Micah a kiss on the train

Getting the party started!

Eating some pizza!

Kylee colored her a picture

The presents!

She was very excited about her boots

Her cake (I'm pretty sure I will be contacted by "Ace of Cakes")

Singing "twinkle twinkle" for us

Thanks Auntie Lyssa for the Karaoke machine!

Night night birthday girl!

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Cindy said...

What a great family tradition! Sorry about the ponies though. :(
I Loved Alyssa's gift, what a great idea! Happy Birthday Ella!!!!