Thursday, September 4, 2008

4 Years!

Today I am grateful to God for four wonderful years of marriage to Paul! We celebrated by going to a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake factory and then my sweet husband gave me some spending money and let me shop in Easton. I have been so blessed these past four years to be married to a man who is truly my best friend and loves me despite my many quirks =) I would have never imagined that the guy I had a secret crush on at church would one day be my husband and the father of my children! I'm so thankful that God has chosen this incredible man for me to spend my life with and to raise my children with!
This is the first picture we ever took together 6 years ago. Later on in the the day Paul would ask me if "I wanted to make it official." (I always laugh at him for that)

Celebrating 4 years of marriage!

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4 Little Men and Twins said...

awww... you guys look so cute! Happy 4th Anniversary!


oh and thanks so much for the present... the outfits are adorable! Please stop by again and you can see the girls. Maybe if we ever get out on a walk we'll stop by your way.