Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our baby boy

I took Micah in for his four month check up yesterday where he weighed a little over 12 pounds. He has only gained a few ounces since I took him in a few weeks ago. The Dr. showed me the growth chart and he is sort of dangling on the edge of being off the chart completely. I love my Dr. and the fact that she knows how important nursing is for me. When we went through this with Ella the Dr. I was going to at the time acted like I should just stop nursing and give her formula, not taking into consideration how important it was for me to breastfeed. I obviously will not let Micah starve for the sake of breastfeeding but it's nice to have a Dr. realize how important breast milk is for a baby and that it's important to try and continue giving him that. So I'm going back on the medication she gave me before to help increase my supply. I will also start consistently supplementing him after nursing. Hopefully by his next check up he will have climbed back on the chart. Micah is still in the 75th percentile for height so he is a long skinny little boy =)


4 Little Men and Twins said...

He's small and adorable! :) I remember Kym saying something about the trouble you had with Ella... and look at her now. Mama knows best.

talk to you later, Brittany

Paul J said...

I hope I have a family as beautiful as yours some day!