Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagging Along

I decided last minute to take the kids and head to Michigan for a few days to be with Paul while he was on a business trip. I figured it would be nice to stay in a hotel for a couple nights and take a break from housework =)
The kids did pretty good on the trip. Micah had a few meltdowns but most of the time he was his happy, giggling self.
Today was tough because check out was at 12:30 but Paul didn't get done until 5:00. I had to figure out what I was going to do for 4 and a half hours with Ella and Micah. To make the situation more stressful it was raining and they were missing out on naps which makes for unhappy kids. My first plan was to take them to the mall and eat at Panera but that turned out to be a nightmare! Long story short I got the kids in the stroller but somehow lost my car keys and in the midst of this crisis it started pouring rain, so I had to put the kids back in the car and think of another plan. I found my keys but at this point was so stressed I decided I needed to calm down (as did the kids) and drive around for a few minutes. We grabbed an unhealthy lunch through McDonald's drive-thru and I made my way back to the mall. I passed by a movie theater and entertained the thought of seeing a movie with the kids since it would kill a big chunk of time. I decided to see if there was a kids movie playing soon and if so we would see it. The parking lot was empty so I figured there wouldn't be anyone in the theater. We ended up watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. (not so good) We were the only ones there until the previews started and an older man came in and sat down. Micah started crying when the movie started but eventually fell asleep. Ella lost interest in the movie about ten minutes in and started running around the theater. She would occasionally get lost and yell out "Mommy!!!!!" She also decided to use her popcorn tub as a megaphone. I'm sure the man in there LOVED us! Finally Ella sat down, cuddled up with puppy, and fell asleep. When the movie ended I had a text from Paul saying he was done so we headed off to pick him up. So my plan of passing time worked!
We had a good trip home besides Paul's GPS lying to us twice about Starbucks locations that didn't exist. We finally settled on McDonald's coffee and as soon as I took my first sip looked up and saw a sign on the freeway that a Starbucks was at the next exit =) We got home around 10:00 last night and poor Paul has to get back on the road tomorrow morning for another Michigan trip, this time to a different part.

Ella was soooo excited about her big bed she got to sleep in
Helping Daddy take our stuff to the car

We let Ella get out to stretch her legs at a gas station. She looked so funny in her jammies and boots.

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