Saturday, October 18, 2008

Picking Pumpkins

Yesterday we went to Leeds to pick out our pumpkins. (I know! I have blogged about going to Leeds twice already) This time it actually felt like fall since it was a crisp 58 degrees. The sad thing is there will be a time when 58 degrees will feel like a warm day =(
Ella was excited to pick out her pumpkin, but Micah wasn't so much =) We discovered that a tired Micah plus cold weather equals an unhappy baby boy.
We got a pumpkin for each one of us to represent our little family of four. It was a fun morning and we were glad Daddy could take a little break from work and come with us. It was a perfect fall day! The only thing missing was a cup of hot apple cider =)

Had to get some pics before we left of this cute boy!

He was such a happy boy when we first got there, giving daddy smiles

Ella choosing her pumpkin

Micah looking for his pumpkin

I found one!

Ella and her pumpkin pick

A bunny in a patch of pumpkins

I think we took enough pics of him in the pumpkins =)

Inside the pumpkin house

Checking out these pumpkins to make sure there isn't a better one

Brother and sister
Ella loves the banana train, or as she calls it "anana chtrain"

Staying warm in Daddy's sweatshirt (it was cold!)

Not a happy bunny

Helping me pick out a pumpkin for Micah

Our pumpkin family

She was pretending to be asleep


Aunt Rose said...

I love all these new fall pictures! The picture of Ella pretending to sleep is my favorite though. She is such a princess!

Anonymous said...

love your new family pic

Morgan Jane said...

What fun pics! I love Micah's little orange hat...he blends right in with the pumpkins!