Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ella's first trip to the salon

We took Ella to get her first haircut today. She was starting to get a mullet since her hair was growing long in just the back =) We took her to a kids hair cutting place called Cookie Cutters. It was a quick hair cut since she doesn't have a ton of hair. She was able to watch Baby Einstein while she was sitting in her little car chair so she did pretty good. Her hair looks soooo adorable now! She has a cute little bob. I didn't think getting her hair cut would make that much of a difference but it really made her hair look thicker, and she looks older too. I love it! They gave us a little certificate with a Polaroid picture and put some of her hair in a little bag for us. We took her to the mall after so she could show off her cute new hairstyle =)

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Cori said...

Kaley and I watched this video of Ella walking and Kaley kept saying "nan" "nan" (which is again). We've seen it 5 times already and she is now crying while I type this cause she wants to watch again. She calls Ella "Abba" or "Ewwa"