Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a..........

Baby! We had our ultrasound this morning and were able to see our little one. The baby is measuring right on track and everything looked good. The radiologist will still have to look at the images but the tech didn't seem to think anything looked out of the ordinary. It was so exciting to see our baby! He/She was moving around a lot so she had a hard time getting the pictures she needed. It was precious, the baby was yawning and waving its arms at us. Ella kept pointing to the monitor and saying "baby!" We held out and didn't find out the gender, which was hard! I know it will be worth the wait though and we are happy and thankful we have a healthy baby.

Our baby at 21 weeks

(you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)



So exciting. I love the foot shot. :)

Ashley said...

im so excited andrea!! the ultrasound pictures turned out great. Its gonna be hard not knowing the sex, but how exciting when you have him/her and its a big suprise. good luck with everything!