Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The mall, the library, and new snow boots!

I thought I would post some pictures from various adventures we have had this week. We went to the mall yesterday to walk around and I took Ella into the play area for the first time. She had so much fun crawling through a tree trunk, that was pretty much all she wanted to do.

Today we went to the library and I got my first Ohio library card! Ella found a book about babies that she really liked. I'm excited to take Ella to the library, especially when she's older and able to pick out books. It was one of my favorite places to go as a kid. They have a story time for babies up to 24 months that I want to start taking her to, so that should be fun! She really loves when we read to her.

Later I took Ella outside to try out her new princess snow boots! Ella really enjoys the snow (at least one of us does) She loves watching her boots light up when she walks.

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The Hartmans said...

It's so cool to see her walking now! I bet she can have a lot more fun in the snow now. Those boots are too cute. Too bad she doesn't have something to warm her little nose! It looks pretty cold!